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RMR Updates


February 5:

I’m sure that you’ve all seen the good news: The Front Range Counties have reached Level-YELLOW!

This is great news, and clears the way for our Showdown event next week!

What does this mean for us?

Our previous RMR concept is back in play: 

Team Rosters of 14, including coach(es) and the optional videographer.

This will bring us to the maximum-allowed 25 counted athletes per court.  Note that we are also still subject to a maximum limit of 100 counted athletes per GYM

Facilities may only host 4 active courts

Facilities with more than 2 courts in play (in a single gym/room) will have to rotate the off-duty teams to exterior rooms(s).

Members of the “Work Team” who are actively engaged in reffing, scoring or line-judging are not counted

Other members of the work team should exit the main playing room

Further discussion points:
Unfortunately, facilities do not yet enjoy "5-Star-Blue” privileges, since counties do not currently meet the new “70% of over 70s” vaccination metric. As each county meets that COVID metric, then the 5-Star Certified gyms will be eligible to host 175 persons. (This would bring us back to the “three courts all members may stay in gym” system that we utilized in October.

Yes, we do realize that parents would love to gain some spectator-access.

At this time, the RMR will prioritize the access of ATHLETES… more players, more courts!

In the interest of treating all members equally, despite the differences in various facility layouts, NO SPECTATORS is our rule.

When counties have returned to Level-BLUE (5-Star-GREEN) we will revisit this policy.

Thanks everyone!

See you on court… soon!



Travel registration & payment

Please click on a link on the right-hand side to register and pay the travel dues for out-of-state travel trips and/or Crossroads. We have 3 registrations - one for each of our club locations - so please make sure to select the correct one. 

Hotel booking & reservation info

You can find more information on booking your hotel for out-of-state tournaments by clicking on the relevant link below (one link for each of the club locations).  We are constantly updating this list as reservations are made, so if you do not see any hotel information listed, please stay tuned and we will send out an email notification once something is added. 

For all hotel-related questions, please reach out to Michael directly at 


Due to the announcement by CHSAA to move the girls HS season to Spring 2021, the committee has decided to adjust this year’s RMR season as follows:

  • The Girls 18’s thru 15's power season will begin in mid-October and will conclude mid to late January.
  • The Girls 14’s thru 11’s power season will begin in mid to late January and conclude in early May.
  • The Boys division will begin mid-October and will conclude in late January. 

Based on this information, Rocky Elite will start practices early September. 

STATEWIDE MASK ORDER (Effective 17 July)

Colorado issued a statewide mask order that requires anyone over the age of 10 to wear a mask covering while entering or within any public indoor space.  Please wear a mask when entering any of the Rocky Elite facilities (this includes all staff, coaches, players, parents, and trainers).

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Coach Registration

All coaches will need to sign-up so we can assign your team's page to you.  If you have a player on one of the teams, no worries!  We will still need you to register as a Coach but you will be able to sign in to your account instead of having to create a new one.

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