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2021/22 Tryouts

JULY 2021


Returning Player Contracts will be issued starting May 24, 2021 starting 10 am MST.

There will be a 72 hr deadline to sign the contract and pay the player deposit. 

We will not have pre-tryouts this season - all returning player contracts will be issued based on 2021/22 season performance.  If your Athlete does not receive a returning player contract, they are more than welcome to attend tryouts!


If you are a 2021 Rocky Elite RETURNING player, you will receive free access to all open gyms as well as a $250 lesson credit (valid until May 2022)*!

* Conditions:  Pre-offer Player Contract must be signed and player registration deposit paid within the 72 hour deadline. 


Please select the tab below for more information on your preferred Club location!

How to prepare for tryouts

We know how stressful tryouts can be, but with the right planning, you can help alleviate some of that stress and focus on the exciting side of it!

  • Attend our Summer Programs - camps, clinics and open gyms.  This will give parents and Athletes a chance to experience our amazing Club environment and meet the Director / Team Coaches. 
  • Is there a skill you would like to work on before tryouts?  Consider contacting one of our coaches to schedule private lessons!
  • Block off tryouts dates as soon as possible.  Tryouts are typically held in July , however, last season tryouts were split between early July (for 15 and over Athletes) and early August (for 14 and under Athletes) due to COVID.  Hopefully, we will be back on a regular schedule for this season but we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to stay current on the latest updates. 
  • Basic info - The typical Club season is from November to June but, again, this is subject to change due to COVID.  Teams typically practice 3 times a week from the first week of November to the first week of May.  The end of season is different for every team, based on tournaments, qualifiers and championships. 
  • Please have a current RMR membership!  We will be able to access this data directly from the RMR site so you do not need to bring a copy.  You can find more information on the RMR website

RMR 2021/22 Recruiting Policies

Monday May 24th (10am)
Within your own Club, player contracts may be signed. You may also begin to contact players and/or parents of other clubs. Coaches who have completed their previous obligations may be contacted and/or signed. 

Open gyms, camps, clinics  and similar events are allowed. While verbal offers of intent may be made to players, no binding contracts may be presented. "Tryouts" may not begin until July 12th (see below). 

Monday July 12th (10am)
Formal Tryouts may begin. Player contracts may be presented and/or signed. Coaches who were under obligation through GJNC may be contacted and/or signed.  (NOTE: although GJNC ends July 5, Tryouts, offers and contracts must wait until July 12th. This is designed to allow the players, coaches and staff who were at GJNC some time to travel, rest and mentally prepare before the tryout/signing period begins)

For more information on RMR policies, please visit their website,

Tuition & Travel Fee Pricing coming soon!

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